I enjoy humanitarian work on all levels, whether it's creating art, feeding people physically, emotionaly or spiritually, promoting a good cause, or just giving someone a smile.

Community Art

Art has a special way of bringing community together. This was one of my favorite projects to work on.

“Eyes & Wings" - 7’ tall fiberglass angel decorated with glass mosaics

A Community of Angels is a public art project initiated by Volunteers of America to raise funds for youth programs.
Special thanks to family, friends& neighbors who financially rallied around me as well as stopping by to lend
a hand to work on this project. "Eyes & Wings" was displayed at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion courtyard
until it was auctioned. It was sold $5,000 to Barbara Lazaroff - Proceeds given to Volunteers of America.

Feeding People
There is something very nuturing and satisfing about feeding people. Whether it is your friends and family,

monks in cambodia
or Monks in Luang Prabang, Laos,

new friends homeless center
or cooking for the homeless in the San Fernando Valley with New Friends Homeless Center, I think we
all can agree food is healing. I also blog about food, fun & travel at

A camera has a unique way of bringing people together and breaking through any language barriors.

Just when you think you have helped someone see through the eyes of another, you find out what they
really wanted all along...

to touch your ivory white skin.

To see photos from the Rwandan genocide survivor's Photovoice project - click here.

Kids in Cambodia are inquistive and love to learn English.

Sometimes the farther you travel, the more you realize people are the same.


Whether you are speaking to the locals in a very remote village in India about life...

or mingling with a group of Monks in Cambodia, people want to be heard, loved and appreciated.
And that is what I am interested in.